I don’t put it, i forgot, but if is a original character is 1,50$ more and I don’t do backgrounds.

    Is my the first time I have commissions but I need money so I want to try my best. <3

    Is with Paypal    shi.sofi@yahoo.com (If you don’t know how to do it, see this tutorial.)

    You have to deposit money before.

    Contact with me for my artblog Sifoartu or my personal blog.

    Any question, feel free for ask me.

  1. shitty comic~

    Idk if i continue it, but tsukki jealous is so cute, no? ( u //v//u)


    AW YIS WE FINALLY DID IT!! THE COLLAB THING. Our favorite HQ!! boys having some fun ~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) shit was going to be sfw but idk we had a lot of fun! (*^▽^)/

    made by me (Mai) Sifo and Croissant

    (via creamcroissant)

  2. I think you’re interrupting something.

  3. Marco , 4 and 1 please. c;



  4. Current mood.

  5. little bby crow <3

  6. con muy pocas ganas como para continuarlo y acabarlo del todo ngh

  7. mi reacción cuando mi kuroko se cambio su avatar a uno MUY ESPECIAL

  8. Going to finish the smauglock comic? you really left us hanging.



    Well, I have a problem about the comic… I lost the sketches where I planned the continuation of comic. *yeahImapenisflaccidIknowit.*

    But I will try remember the story. :____D I’m sorry